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Hi, I'm David Eliason.

I enjoy working to make positive, creative solutions using code, IoT, and cloud platforms.

MERN stack coding

I enjoy building responsive apps using the MERN stack, deployed within a server-basaed system.

AWS Solutions Architect

Knowledgeable about utilizing AWS cloud platform and services to build robust, scalable applications.

Project Management

Experienced in managing successful development of numerous large-scale projects, enabling individuals with developmental disabilities to live independent lives within the community.

I'm committed to becoming excellent in building excellent solutions that will improve our world. Make good..

I do believe that technology, thoughtfully implemented, can offer positive solutions.

Build MERN applications

Building SPA using Express or Lambda functions on top of Node.js, with client-side React and Native.

Leverage to the Cloud

An application can benefit from utilizing Cloud PaaS, architect knowledge is useful for determining best approach.


Build the application using server-based or serverless architecture.

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Let's make a positive difference together!

My Clients

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