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Welcome To My Website

Hi there!

My name is David Eliason, otherwise known as DaveTheMaker.

I’m a programmer, a Maker, and an IoT artist. In these pages you can learn more about me, some of the things I’ve made, take a look at my blog posts, and basically get a sense of who I am and what I’m all about.

Making Smart Art

Introduction to CAL Programming
This provides a good overview of the basics of CAL programming, which can become necessary in building a web service applications when a custom codeunit or page extension is required.

Making Web apps

I enjoy building SPA apps focused upon the MERN stack.

Learning About the Cloud

As I developed full-stack apps and deployed them to such cloud services as Heroku, I became intrigued by the amazing array of resources provided by AWS. So, I started to deploy those apps into virtual EC2 servers, wrapping them into subnets within VPCs. Soon, I was exploring other resources, such as S3 buckets, DNS, and more, and - while studying for to become certified as an Solutions Architect, became intrigued by serverless approaches.

I love long-distance adventures: kayaking, bicycling, and backpacking

I built out my Surly Long Haul Trucker, using parts donated to the Bike Kitchen, selectively purchased, or built myself (wheels). Complete with Orlieb panniers, I really like self-supported tours where I can explore new areas, and camp under the stars. I carry a kit of tools so that I can fix whatever might break along the way.

I have a folding Kayak, a Feathercraft Kahuna, which I’m learning to navigate. Putting it together, and disassembling again, is a challenge, but there’s nothing like being on the water.

I graduated from the Mazamas BCEP mountaineering course in 2015, and have been climbing local hikes and peaks since the. I love the PNW for all the