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About Me

Coder, Maker, IoT Artist

Doing meaningful work is important to me - work that builds community, empowers individuals, helps the marginalized.

  • I worked as a social worker helping persons with developmental disabilities live in the community.
  • As a paramedic, I helped the injured in the streets of San Francisco following the 9/11 tragedy.
  • As a community organizer, worked for low-income housing initiatives in Oakland.
  • Provided as a primary caregiver for my sister when she was diagnosed with cancer.
  • I volunteered to build a school in rural India using natural resources.

I'm now focused on making helpful solutions at the intersection of where code meets atoms through apps and IoT.

  • I enjoy motorycle touring, bike touring, and sea kayaking, and backpack touring.
  • I'm currently studying Cloud Computing, Machine Learning at Foster Business School.
  • I like rock climbing as part of mountaineering.
  • I enjoy making multimedia art and interactive art installations.
  • Building community and creating artistic, supportive environments is important.
  • I'm learning to play the guitar.

Things that I like..

  • Learning & Making With Code Where code meets atoms, sweat, and inspiration.

    I think coding is really interesting - there's the theoretical complexity of learning systems.

    But it's more than that - you can actually build something, from start to finish. It's really satisfying.

  • Adventures Rock climbing, Mountaineering, kayaking, bike touring.

    I love outdoor adventures that push me to the limit, of being self-supporting for days on end. Adventuring into, for me, the unknown.

  • Travel I enjoy packing light, nimbly living on a budget, experiencing and appreciating different c

    Travel to Alaska, India, Europe, South America, Australia. And more to come..

  • Creativity & Art I love the conversation and experience around thinking outside the box, embracing new paradigms.

    Coming up with an idea, designing it. Creating an aesthetic enclosure made of wood, glass, electronics, microcontrollers, sensors. Using code and cloud connectivity to provide intelligence.

    You can see some of my work here