About Me

Inspired by the first responders of the 9/11 tragedy, I trained to be a paramedic and, later, a community organizer through a program focused on art and spirituality.

While leading teams at a social work agency to develop homes for persons with disabilities, I stumbled across Noisebridge - a community space that offered classes to learn programming and use electronics to build cool stuff. I was hooked - here I could directly make a positive difference.

Since then, I've dedicated myself to make things that inspire and empower indivudals in areas of the mind, body, and spirit through code and IoT.

In Progress: "Lumenary"

A Modern-Day Cosmological Illuminated Manuscript

Appearing at the Portland Winter Light Festival [ Feb 7 - 9, 2019 ]

Lumenary is an art piece which invites the viewer to consider the holistic and interconnected nature of the cosmos, body and spirit, while raising consideration of the latter in terms of artificial intelligence.

Lumenary offers a modern interpretation of illuminated manuscripts created in medieval times by the mystic philosopher and feminist Hildegard of Birgen, who celebrated the sublime and transcendent through creative expression, voiced her authentic voice, and used art to convey abstract concepts while engaging and supporting the community.

This sculpture enters that timeless cosmological conversation by introducing relevant modern-day subjects, such as robots with AI, and new artistic materials that capture the eye and engage the mind, body, and spirit. Created with glass, acrylic, wood and metal; alchemy magic added with LEDs, microcontrollers, sensors, and motors built with love and by hand using laser cutting, hand tools, and Norwegian Karveskurd chip carving techniques.

Read all about my process of building it here.

Lumenary Make Process


I/P: 360enlight

Serverless SPA w/ Lambda, DynamoDB, Cognito, S3, CloudFront, React/Router, and more.. [ Code ]

MERN aWS RexRobotix

RexRobotix Code

AWS Deployed: VPC, EC2, MERN stack [10/2018]
Community_Quotes 1.0

Community Quotes application that allows users to create, update, view, and delete quotes. This is a Mongodb/Mongoose, Express, React, Node.js (MERN) single-page-app (SPA)

Mongodb, Mongoose,Express, React, Node.js [10/2018]
MERN my-friend-tracker

Full-stack application using MongoDB, Mongoose, Express, EJS.

Full-stack:MERN 6/2017
fave books using react redux

React, Redux app with a focus on single source of truth and unidirectional data flow.

CRA, Redux, React 11/2017
fave books using react redux

Low-level eventListeners, routing, url parsing as well as node.js server, formidable module to parse data, cloud MongoDB.

Express, low-level Node.js, MongoDB 6/2017
uplifting quotes

React, Redux, fetching data from Firebase, Bootstrap

React,Redux,Firebase Dec 2017
gps PubNub react redux

React using state to filter fields.

React July 2017
gps PubNub react redux

React with input fields, Firebase data persistence.

React, Firebase Nov 2017
gps PubNub react redux

App using React, Redux communication with cloud-based PubNub in a subscription model to push JSON GPS data. Ready for AWS S3 bucket writing.

React, Redux, PubNub, AWS S3 6/2018
favorite books react redux firebase

Redux store, Firebase data persistence, user input, filtering

React, Redux, Firebase 11/2017
MERN daily-drinks

Full-stack MERN app: Express used both as API server serving files and routes, but also serving React views. React state values are populated via MongoDB in a unidirectional data flow model.

Full-stack:MERN 7/2017